The Kiss

Today we sailed in a place called Civitavecchia, small town about an hour from Rome. Where we’ll be soon as well but that’s for another post! This one is about how my regular “grocery shopping in an unknown place day” also had me discover something beautiful as I walked by. Remember that famous 1945 photo where two strangers in uniforms kiss in the street? Well for a moment I felt as I was there…




This sculpture, (“Unconditional surrender” by Steward Johnson) was inspired by that famous shot, one of my favourites. Yes it is one of the most famous photos out there but I love it for the way that man holds that woman, that complete stranger. For the intensity of it, the way their bodies respond to such an unusual moment and the way their hands don’t really know what to do…


The photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, took this shot in time square, New York city, on August 14th 1945. It was the day of victory over Japan in America. But here the real joy and celebration came from the simple fact that the war was over. That war anyway.

People should be able to feel that way everyday and most of all, everywhere.



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