About the blog

 I work on a sailing yacht.

Basically this blog introduces you to the yachtie (sailors/people working on yachts) life style, which is a little unusual to say the least! It also permits me to “stay in touch” while traveling so much. Which is in fact never a given as internet is not always accessible when you live on a boat and pretty much inexistent while at sea. That is one of the many things that are never a given once you’ve signed up for that job!

 What IS a given is that I get to travel, rather adventurously, meet interesting people and discover new cultures all the time. You’ll hear about that.

Aside from sailing, I’m the cook onboard. I’ll share some of that.

My passion and hope for a future career is photography. You’ll see a lot of that.

On a side note, my first language is french which is my excuse for any grammar mistakes and strangely turned sentences. Like this one.




2 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Thank you very much for following my blog! Hopefully there’s something to keep you interested for quite some time. I’m following you too because 1) I’ve never worked on a yacht before, and 2) it sounds pretty awesome!

    • Oh great, my first follower! Your blog sounds very nice as well, always happy to read and share traveling stories! I hope mine will keep you interested too. Nice to electronically meet you 🙂

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